63 Tristan's Tip : Gain Skills Without Going Back To School

On the ninth installment of Tristan’s Tips, our esteemed guest Tristan Layfield shares a few tips on how to gain skills without going back to school and potentially running up costly student loan debt.

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Tristan: What's going on, Living Corporate fam? It's Tristan of Layfield Resume Consulting, and I've teamed up with Living Corporate to bring you all a weekly career tip. This week, let's talk about how you can gain new skills without going back to school. Sometimes we utilize the skills we currently have to their maximum capacity or we need to learn something new in order to advance our careers, but we don't want to go back to school. I get it. School is expensive, and it isn't getting any cheaper any time soon, so here's a few ways you can gain some new skills without going back to school. First, consider professional certifications. Maybe you want to get into project management. Consider taking a project management professional PMP course and certification exam, or if you want to get into HR, maybe you can work towards a Professional in Human Resources certification. Next, utilize the internet. Places like Coursera and Skillshare, among many others, offer free and low-cost courses to gain new skills. Also, let's not discount YouTube University. Not only can you utilize YouTube to learn a specific task you need to complete, but there are even whole courses on YouTube. Next, consider entrepreneurship. I think many people discredit the skills you can learn through entrepreneurship. Take me for example. In my business, I didn't just learn more about recruiting and resumes. I learned digital marketing, social media marketing, more operation skills, bits of accounting, sales, and so much more. While this may not have been taken into account previously, this idea of intrapreneurship or having an entrepreneurial mindset while working in corporate is taking off, so skills gained like this are becoming more valuable. You can also utilize entrepreneurship to break into new industries that you've been trying to get into in order to gain some experience. Next, consider internships. I know working for free or at a discounted rate is not usually what we want to do, but sometimes experience is just the best teacher. It can also open new doors if you give it your all. This is also a great way to break into new industries. So those are just a few ways you can gain some additional skills without heading back to anyone's campus and amassing student loan debt. This tip was brought to you by Tristan of Layfield Resume Consulting. Check us out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @LayfieldResume, or connect with me, Tristan Layfield, on LinkedIn.

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